Or is it from the west?

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*questing in Hyjal*

Quest Giver: So you saw a fading image of Aviana, the ancient we're trying to bring back?

Me: yup

Quest Giver: I'll need something from her past to contact her...

Quest Giver: Let's see here...

Quest Giver: Oh, I know!

Quest Giver: There are some nests around here that belong to a really old bird.

Quest Giver: He used to be a consort of Aviana, but since she's been gone...

Quest Giver: Well he's been stricken with grief for hundreds of years.

Me: alright so i gotta see if he has something, right? I'm sure he'll be stoked that she's coming bac-

Quest Giver: Kill him and take one of his feathers.

Me: ...

Me: Are you fucking kidding me?

le-sarahmarie replied to your photoset “so because of that post azuka-bladefury tagged me in, here are 6…”

You are awesomeeee

*imitating zach’s old woman voice* you’re such a sweethart

so because of that post azuka-bladefury tagged me in, here are 6 pictures of me, the oldest of which is a little over a year. not all of these are selfies, but i don’t selfie often so… yeah!

Uh, camperjon, n4ut, mysticorset, streetlightfeministo, angrycinnabun, dinkum-thinkum, i guess the meme is you pot 6 selfies/pictures of you, then tag 6 people? i dunno, do w/e