In lieu of the release of Wind Waker HD, I drew one of my favorite moments from the game!

What strikes me most about the Zelda series is how a small boy can summon the courage to venture to such vast and immense places. The sheer contrast between the tower of the gods and link really summarizes the sense of wonder in these games.

Happy gaming everyone-


The finale would have been way better if they just admitted that the real reason Barney and Robin didn’t work out was because Robin was a S.H.I.E.L.D agent the whole time. 

rienlen asked
What do you like to do in your free time? What were you doing yesterday? And what do you want out of life?

In my free time I am 100% productive. Efficiency is very important to me, so I’m always cleaning or sketching to get better at art.

Yesterday was an errand day for me, I spent the whole day running around town. After I got everything done, I settled down to a nice book and a cup of tea.

To be honest, I want to work in an office, where I can easily and quickly identify my place in the larger workings of a complex machine. That sense of belonging would be the thing I’d value the most.